Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I always know fall is really here when the turkey's appear. 
There must have been at least 18 of them passing through our yard
usually in the late afternoon over the past few days.
We have a growing collection of their feathers around the house.
I've had it in my mind to make a stamp lately 
and thought this may be a good image to use.

Hope your week is heading off in the right direction :)


  1. Oh wow all those turkeys! I saw two just recently before I left Boston for the south. It was a real surprise.

  2. ha, i constantly pick up feathers too walking through the garden, no turkeys here unfortunately.
    those are wild turkeys? beautiful feather drawing Kristen, it will make a real fine stamp, xx

  3. Are these wild turkeys? Very exciting to think about seeing them in the wild! AND in a pattern creation on one of your pillows or bags! HINT, hint! xo

  4. the colors in the first photo, the plant are so delicate and lovely, is it a succulent?

    we had a family of 10 turkeys this autumn, then they were 7, i have not seen them in a while. They are characters.

    I think your sketch would make a wonderful stamp, it is already wonderful as a sketch. I love feathers, so many of us do.

  5. Great photos, Kristen. I hope you carve the feather stamp, and that you had a fab Halloween with your People.