Friday, October 18, 2013

It's raining leaves today!
And I thought I'd share my new lunch time companion with you. 
This is Farrah- she is my last hen, my lone hen and
in order to keep her spirits up I've taken to sitting with her outside
a couple times a day, usually while snacking on something.
Hens are not meant to live alone- they are flock creatures and depend on each 
other to keep watch for predators so foraging can go on peacefully with the rest.
Luckily (I think) out of the modest flock of 5 hens I've
kept over the years Farrah is probably best suited to being alone.
She appeared to be top of the totem pole or at least the one in charge out of the bunch.
I think her will and dominance will help her adjust....along with attention from us-
but just in case, I'm on the look out for a stuffed animal to keep 
in the coop as a substitute companion for days cooped up and cold nights ahead 


  1. :( what happened to the rest of the PLO?

  2. :((
    hawks? wow. here in austria the main enemies are usually foxes or weasels.

  3. I love that you have chickens or rather a chicken....hope she is not too lonely!