Sunday, November 24, 2013

Drawing Challenge this weekend is from lovely Ariane!
and is all about Autumn.
For me autumn is a very full time of year- 
the last hurrah before winter's quiet reflection draws us in.
The leaves remind me of this as their energy is slowly drawn back in
to the trunk and roots.

For these I took photos of some pretty cool leaves and then printed them out and 
added embroidery floss  to the paper in a few different ways.
Please visit Ariane's blog to see more colors of Autumn!


  1. pretty amazing effect, so light, and airy. and elegant.
    {looking forward to your winter quiet reflections...}

  2. Are you saying that you printed images onto paper, of the leaves and then embellished the paper with floss? Gosh the eye is fooled. They look absolutely real. What a wonderful art piece you have made. Love it! *smiles* N, x

  3. I was going to write the same exact thing as Norma….it looks so real….always amazed by your creativeness … : )

  4. I am astounded! I thought these were threaded on real leaves, Kristen. Very clever tribute to the season! -sus

  5. Absolutely amazing - I love them. And I'm glad you told that you printed them out, I first thought how on earth did she manage to embellish them without everything
    ☺ Barbara

  6. there was something different
    but i couldn't lay my finger on it....
    after i read that you first printed
    i understand
    wonderful idea and wauw....the outcome
    love it!


  7. wow! first i thought you stitched the dry leaves - it really looks amazing, kristen!
    have a fine week! dania

  8. Hey, I really thought you tied the threads on the veins of the leaf.
    I loved your work!

  9. I scroll back and forth, dear Kristen,
    try to catch what I see, what I feel. Your leave(s) transport something between the lines... a kind of poetry...archaic, powerful and soft and... true. Great! Thank you!

    xo Ariane.

  10. Wow, I love it! This is so great, I really thought you made those stitches on the leaves, you fooled my eyes! Just perfect and wonderful!

  11. yeah yeah yeah this is GREAT!
    x Stefanie

  12. Same with me, I thought you stitched the leaves themselves...amazing! Love that! So pure and simple and surprising at the same time.