Friday, November 1, 2013

Ever since my daughter arrived into this world 
the 31st of October has turned into
a day of double celebration. 
Cake on top of candy and various other treats
always makes for a high impact day of sugar craziness!
And invariably leaves me totally wiped out!
I believe I'm having a "day after" day today :)

Top picture is of a paper wasp nest we managed to cut out of a tree
with my son scaling up and out on a limb to  get it.
I love how the leaves are worked into the structure.


  1. The wasp nest is so cool sculptural ! Beautiful blowing out candles photo. Happiest of birthday wish to the Halloween/Birthday girl!

  2. happy birthday!!!!
    and wauw... that nest!

    dear Kristen
    there is a new dc theme
    will you join?....


  3. erm, is that dangerous, that wasp nest? or is it abandoned, perhaps?
    cheers for the cheers over at mine, kristen. you're a star!

  4. So your girl was born on the same date as my brother? Spooky! Haha! Happy belated birthday then! ;o)
    That nest is amazing! Hope there's none of that beasts left within!
    See you!