Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Spending some time recovering this week from the craft fairs- 
it's getting dark so early I never know what time it is anymore from looking at the sun, 
I'm not good at wearing a watch!
I snuck in some more embroidery and made a little zip pouch that fits
my glasses (also needed more now with the long dark)

My daughter told me a little story last night about how she thought Islands
really floated around in the water and had little legs or ropes that held them in place.
I thought this was such a lovely image it made its way into my sketch book.

Hope your having a good week so far :)


  1. Ha, I am an early bird, dear Kristen ;-)
    (fall in love... more details at etsy!) Even I need my glasses, the less light... the age.
    Great imagination by your daughter and wonderful drawing by you, Dear.

    And, yes, a little bit we run out of hosts this time. So, thank you. Would be nice, if you host the week after... the 30th of November + 1st of December, right?

    Love xo Ariane.

  2. Hi Kristen. , I do not wear a watch
    ten years ago I left the city and came to live in a valley in the mountains, and I threw my watch. somehow I stop being a slave to time.
    HA HA, I wanted to tell you how to do a walk through my imagination. and after reading this, I can only say to you: I would like to take a walk by the imagination of your daughter!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)))

  3. OH, Kristen I wish my Island floated around on the water, with legs that could paddle us to warmer waters this time of year!
    xxoo, sus

  4. i'll say i like those little spindly legs and the colour scheme too... great inspiration, wandering mind!

  5. Hi, Kirsten, I like your autum/christmassy impressions and this floating island idea, you should transfer this in a childrens book story, so loverly. Your birdy zip pouch is gorgeous. Hope, your craftfair was successful as well.
    Love + hugs
    Barbara Bee

  6. lovin' your blog and all your art/craft work. I don't do etsy .. can I still but your star trivets? please email me.

    ps I have been thinking of you these days as I have just been given my first chook...Yay... was Steve now named Henny Penny. x

    1. Steve?! ;) that is hilarious...and of course Henny Penny is much more appropriate!
      They are so much fun I hope you enjoy her :)

      As for the star trivets- you can get them at our web site- www.littlehenstudio.com too-
      Let me know if you have any questions with it! Best!