Friday, November 29, 2013

Drawing Challenge "Everyday Objects"

This week's drawing challenge- everyday objects
I was inspired this week by all the cooking and subsequent eating
I did, not to mention shopping for cooking and eating.
My week has been filled with dishes, bowls and cutlery...
and so was my little painting.

Please join me and visit this great crew of artists
as they all explore what comes to mind when thinking about everyday objects :)

Norma ,  Cindi ,  Tania ,  Emily , Carole , Milady :) , Ariane , Roberto ,

Rachel  , Stefanie , Susan , Patrice ! , Nadine , Celine and maybe Barbara!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. dear kristen,
    i like your everyday objects - like the wintercolors in it.
    I'm so sorry i could not join you this weekend, but time is running here like there would be a countdown...
    have a wonderful magic adventtime!

  2. wonderful painting, dear Kristen! the colours, the white background... the meal, I smell it.
    Thanks for the theme, I really enjoyed to play with it.
    have a nice weekend x Stefanie

  3. stefanie is right, this is a beatuiful painting. I especially like the light and easy air to it! have a great first of advent. greetings from berlin

  4. love this painting of simple everyday things…..

  5. lovely lovely! i enjoy the documenting of the everyday, the mundane. it becomes more beautiful and interesting, for sure. I participated this week as well! Thank you for the wonderful theme.

  6. Gosh, I love this painting, Kristen. Thanks for the challenge, which fit well with the grateful turnings of my mind here at Thanksgiving weekend.

  7. lovely painting! tells all about the temporary process of cooking and eating...once prepared, the meal will soon be eaten and vanished in a cloud... love the winter colours, too! ;o)

  8. any chance your 'little' painting comes up for sale? you see, i hfeel so smitten with it... i saw it first yesterday morning, and didn't comment; just admired it, from afar. i love it even more today... and as you can see, i did change my intentions, after an introspective walk in the last sunrays of today... ;)))

  9. first, thank you for the theme
    all week long i looked differently at the things
    i use every day
    especially the cooking tools ;^))
    i like your little painting
    as if the everyday objects swing and dance

    Patrice A.

  10. Like in a dream, dear Kristen,
    your everyday objects hover through the air... or in mind?
    It is a wonderful painting of appearing objects... pretty bowls, knife and vegetable. I wonder about the object down left.. it reminds me on a cocoa pod, but is it a pumpkin?

    I love it to come to your surprising, inspiring blog here, Dear! and I am very happy with that sparrow made by you, now in the Castle at the Eisenbach :)

    Love xo Ariane.

  11. LOVE your painting Kristen! i feel home love in them objects!

  12. thanks Kristen for choosing this theme, everyday objects (often minimized their value for us) are what give color to our lives, but go unnoticed.
    from today, we must to put in the right place, at the forks. TV remote control, to brush teeth, and the pen!
    Ha Ha :)
    good week for you Kristen!

  13. i am envious of the obvious time you spent painting...i cheated ; / just took silly pictures of my everyday objects.
    still, i'm glad i jumped back in.

  14. Very fun! I'm squeaking in just under the wire and will catch up on comments soon!!

  15. Oh I love your painting! It would be great in a kitchen or at a dinner table, maybe at your christmas table? Because o the winter colors, I like the orange in it.

  16. I too love your little painting! It's so cheerful and fun. xoCarole

  17. Your painting has a mixture of bright color against an cool background. Reminds me of this time of year. xo

  18. Oh I love the grey background. It makes the other colours pop. I can imagine this beauty hanging in a kitchen above a chopping block. Beautiful work Kristen. Thank you for this fun challenge. Talk soon, hugs, Norma, x

  19. Holy cow, cutest banner ever.
    Fun painting! I like your composition of objects and the soft background.

  20. love your painting very much!
    :-) mano