Sunday, December 15, 2013

Drawing Challenge- Garland

This week Nadine asked us to think about garlands for the drawing challenge.
As it happened a storm blew a garland of winter into our yard- quietly overnight
I imagine on the wings of an owl- and now our world is quite white with it.
Please visit lovely Tinywolf blog to see what other garlands decorate our world :)


  1. yes! like an owl's wing sweeping over us as we sleep.
    i love waking up to that suprise- but then realize my car's probably stuck in the driveway :0

  2. oh, and your owl is such a beautiful owl!

  3. so here i am to witness it all, silently.
    the owl is whispering to me.
    i like how he sits amply,
    in a haze of white blizzard,
    wise as he is.

    do you hear him whispering also :
    ... tiny ... booklet is now ... ready...

    will be posting tomorrow,
    in time, in time.

  4. What a sweet post….like a fairytale…..:0)

  5. the owl lands if to say, here is an offering. nest away.
    xo em
    (Vertigo is something new, though not exciting. scary really.)

  6. oh, i love this, an owl with a garland in it's beak! so wonderful.

    lovely holidays to you!

  7. Kristen, this is an absolutely wonderful owl. what a fine drawing!
    best wishes,
    xxoo, sus

  8. This is like fairy tale.

  9. I beautiful painting is it, soooo perfect for this time of the year, the colors are beautiful, just wonderful!

  10. how i love owls
    they fly so silently
    like snow falling
    hmmm.... love that
    a white silent world
    and an owl....

    thank you

  11. dear Kristen, i look at your beautiful owl and can imagine a whole snowy landscape around him, soft and silent with that crisp winter air.
    you pictured your feelings, experience, in a wonderful way,
    love it, xx

  12. This is one of the most beautiful paintings I have ever seen Kristen! You are a talent and more! The delicate garland tenderly and carefully held in the owl's beak, to maybe festoon a quiet corner in a tree nook or abandoned structure beyond the hay field long covered in white snow blankets edged with hoarfrost fringe. That is what your owl is to me. Thanks for it! Love it; love your art. Happy greetings to you, with love, Norma, x

  13. What a lovely owl with his beautifully simplistic garland. I love it. The colours are beautiful and it has a beautiful feeling of winter just blowing in.

  14. I love the soft quality of your owl, which suggests the whispery wingbeats when he flies.

  15. Your painting is so poetic and somehow tells a story...a winter story...perfect for advent...let's take the owl's present, the garland, and decorate the christmas tree...

  16. great love ♥!! so wonderful.

  17. Your owl is a great beauty and moving so bravely through the snow storm, a nice winter fairy tale...