Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hunkering down for the holidays, I'm going to take a wee bit of time away
from the least posting- to enjoy family and festivities.
Hope you all have a joyful Holiday!!


  1. You too Kristen! Sounds like a wonderful idea. Enjoy!!
    By the way I love your drawing….Happy Happy Holidays!

  2. funny. for some reason i find alot of similarity in both images next to one another. like, a world inside a cone. which is clever, by the way. i guess you painted it white?

    and also... i do sense you have arrived in that spot. there's an ease to your drawing. your sunny spot in nature...

    happy holidays to you too. watch for the mail {wo}man!

  3. Enjoy your family and your holiday, Kristen. I will look for your return.
    xxoo, sus

  4. what a wonderful drawing
    that light shining out of the window
    into the world outside
    a silent world of feathers
    it's a whole story...

    enjoy, ENJOY!
    Patrice A.

    this Saturday i am
    the calendar girl
    over at A butterfly in my hair
    a giveaway....

  5. the scales of a pine cone, the feathers of a bird, perfect hideaways...beautiful and special,i love those pencil drawings you make.
    have a lovely time dear Kristen, xx

  6. Hi Kristen. This year has been, I think, a good year for creative production. at least I've seen that you have had a very productive year. and I want to thank you, you've shared your art. was a pleasure to see your wonderful ideas, and I want to wish you Happy Holidays! :)) And next year with full creativity.

  7. Thank you for joining Green Tomato, Kristen.
    Have a wonderful holidays.
    Greeting from Japan

  8. I hope you are relaxing and enjoying a very merry holiday season! xxx Cindi