Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I always like to review the year at it's end by going through
the photos I've taken.
This year like most had it's particular challenges...some more so 
than others, but I think something that I've come away with is 
to stay true to my own journey 
even when I'm not quite sure where it's leading me.

I draw a lot of inspiration from this blog and the community that goes with it
and appreciate all your comments over the months.
Wishing you all a wonderful and Happy! New Year!


  1. Dear Kristen,
    Happy New Year to you and your sweet beloved ones!

    I think, that you are following your heart. Right on, it's so inspiring.

    xo Ariane.

  2. Yes stay true to your journey and best wishes for a blessed 2014 - knowing that it will have challenges, but accepting that and moving through them with your truth. Loved your photo collage - made me smile!

  3. Happy New Year Kristen!!!! I hope the next year we continue seeing trough our art!!!! :)

  4. Dear Kristen a very happy nee year to you too! May this year be a really good one and leed you in the right direction. Staying true to yourself is always a good idea and sometimes challenging as well.
    Thank you so much for all year warm comments over the past year.
    Hugs & love
    Barbara bee

  5. and to you all.
    almost there for you, guys,the new year.
    here it's done and dusted and i'm up all night, it seems. that's why i'm online, to kill time.
    aw, no better way to ring in, i guess...
    it'll pass.
    to a new year of gatherings!

  6. Wonderful images! Happy new year to you and yours! xo Leena

  7. Lovely pics! Happy new year to all of you!!

  8. A perfect sentiment and some lovely pictures! Here's wishing you an amazing and true journey in the upcoming year.

  9. Beautiful photos! Beautiful happy smiles! May 2014 bring more of the same!