Monday, December 2, 2013

I still feel like I'm recovering from Thanksgiving last week.
It has gotten cold and is dark almost as soon as the kids
get home from school...cold and dark- not my favorite.

Things are changing in my shop and we have a big sale going on
through the end of December. I'll fill you in later on as the changes 
occur, buts its a branching out kind of change so I hope :)

Anyway if by chance there is something there that you really love I'm feeling 
flexible and the idea of swapping is quite appealing to me right now.
Check out HOLIDAY SALE if you'd like 
have a great week!


  1. What a wonderful place close to a roaring fire, dear Kristen... kinda 'sunny' ;-) even in your other photos: pretty feather (I wonder about what kind of bird it is from?)!

    The idea of swapping is appealing to me, too. Not concrete for now, but I am interested.

    Stay warm,
    xo Ariane.

    1. I am so happy with your sparrow!


    2. Ariane- the feather is from a flicker bird- you can Google image them- they are very pretty :)

  2. That cozy fire looks like just the ticket for rest and recuperation before the next holiday rolls around!

  3. Stay warm by your fire with those kiddos, Kristen. xxoo, sus

  4. i'll be checking out your changes.
    your image 2 is very appealing.