Thursday, December 12, 2013

It's getting to look a bit more wintry round here this week
and I am quietly getting more nervous about how fast Christmas is 
approaching. I have plans to do a lot of baking and mailing letters and gifts.
Looking at my calendar today - it seems I had best get a move on in that direction.


  1. wish you a very good time! enjoy it!
    sunday I've a stand at a christmas market, but next week I'll baking, writing, wrapping gifts, decorating...

  2. i love your disposable drawings
    very much
    and i understand what you mean
    by disposable ;^))
    cheap paper and does doing
    is often the best
    so, i have ordered a tiny booklet
    like stafanie, to make a drawing a day
    every day in 2014


  3. ditto on all of the above! love the season, the decorating, the baking and hominess...don't love the Christmas rush feeling. it's a bit of an oxymoron!
    enjoy xo

  4. I love the idea of "disposable drawings"…the thought is so freeing! Best of luck with all your Christmas projects…I know the feeling! And a very happy holiday to you & your family! Stay cozy & warm up there in Boston!

  5. so true, it is all so swiftly arriving!

  6. i sure like the wintry landscape.
    we are patiently waiting...