Sunday, December 8, 2013

The drawing challenge this weekend is hosted by Stefanie
and she chose "Swan Lights" from a song I had never heard of before
by Antony and the Johnson's
The title is moody and poetic- as is the music.
In the drawing I did I thought the swan may be seeing the lights
and not sure if it should leave the water to follow them
Check out Stefanie's blog to see other imaginative interpretations on this
magical theme :)


  1. Kristen! I love love love this drawing. Splendid. Brava!! The body language is perfect. This little video that was the jumping off point for the drawing challenge was deep indeed. It took me to many places. Especially the shot where the girl was under water and wearing her shoes...that got to me. It was an interesting challenge to say the least. Norma, x

  2. Hi, Kristen - I agree with Norma, the rendering is so well done! Your swan looks moody herself, and no, I don't think she will be getting out of the water! Happy week, my dear!

  3. This is lovely perfect!! It's so obvious how the swan is wondering...should I stay or should I go? Amazing drawing, it's the facial expression that got me at once!

  4. Kristen, A lovely drawing indeed! Love the crooked neck and the hesitant look. . .

  5. I wish I had made this terrific drawing, wonderful drawing love the layering and the yellow circles! Its simply great!!!!
    Hugs and a wonderful monday
    barbara bee

  6. I like how you did the water! such a wonderful drawing!
    I feel like the swan is watching us.

  7. shoot!
    your eye for compostion is bang on...
    just really awesome (and i never ever use that word!)

    i am on a mission (besides the one involving the tiny booklet, which is coming along in the next few days - and i'll let you know!) myself :
    our new drawing challenge theme is up and we'd love to have you!

  8. l liked the musk deer
    and i like this one too!
    it makes agreat serie!!!

    Patrice A.

  9. yes, I agree with all the others: great! I love your swan drawing and I am sure it comes out of the water, but maybe when nobody is watching...
    thank you!
    x Stefanie

  10. Hi Kristen, you know that I like the colors you used you in this work
    I think you put a green acrylic or something on the drawing. is a good visual effect. congratulations!

  11. dear kristen, your swan(lights) is wonderful!
    ♥ mano