Wednesday, January 15, 2014

More disposable drawings
Thinking about how we connect
sometimes precariously
sometimes intently 
sometimes playfully


  1. Very interesting new way you' re travelling on! Nadine showed me your painting on skype and she is so happy about it. I'm curious what we will find here in the future. I discovered you in the book Freehand and fell nearly of my couch as I read your name! Did you ever mentioned that you're in this book? Anyway yours is one of my absolute favorites! Talented girl!
    Big hug
    Barbara bee

    1. Holy cow Barbara! I just fell off my seat too! I remember someone getting in touch with me over a year ago about using that piece for a book- but I never heard back as to how it was going or what it was called etc.
      THANK YOU for filling me in and boy do I feel silly ;)

  2. Ah, like your new header and especially your new photo!

  3. ow, precious, and so not disposable to my longing soul....

    on FREEHAND? you may fall off your chair, my dear, how about me tumbling down the train seat last week, as i was leafing my brand new little book on drawing, well, freehand, and found an image that i somehow thought i could relate to, and oh yes! "kristen donegan".

    that makes both barbara and me, well, proud, amongst many other sentiments. ;)))
    way to go-ho,
    nah! not silly, for sure.

  4. Dear Kristen, I just read the comment of Nadine on my blog, that you even didn't know! I my gosh, can't believe that the didn't tell you!!!! Imagine, I wouldn't have told you, you would never know that you're published in a book. You don't have to feel silly, but enormous proud, you famous gal!
    here the link
    How funny, now its at least 3 people fall of their couches - sisters in mind and on the couch hihi

  5. O.k. you should check spelling before sending - so sorry!

  6. Hi. Kristen!
    I see many new things here.
    The photo to your profile! I like it!
    The header, also i like it!
    And the drawings. Why disposable?
    these drawings are very good, I like,
    and I see them as a first step for a series. and even more, you can develop these ideas and adding elements, using different materials. oh. this is infinite!

  7. Ha, fall of my couch, too, dearest Kristen! FREEHAND with your drawings is so great! And even here, of course... very exciting :-)

    xo Ariane.

  8. I agree with all: These are wonderful!! More, please!

  9. just a pleasure to look at your drawings, they are fresh, exciting and playfull, bravo!

  10. Love these! & oh my gosh I just read comments above…in a book!!??!! wow congratulations…well deserved!

  11. ;^)))
    you are an inspiration to me
    and i love those disposable drawings
    in fact these are one of the reasons
    to start a project myself
    and i have ordered the book! ;^))


    1. I love your work Patrice- you totally inspire me :)

  12. Dearest Kristen,

    1. Thanks B- I've got a little card I'm about to mail to you-keep your eyes open for it :)

  13. Today its your Birthday???
    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))))))))