Sunday, January 26, 2014


The drawing challenge this week is being hosted by Norma and she chose
the theme "crystal". The first thing I thought of is my Son's fascination with rocks
and minerals- especially crystals and how they form. 
I love that they are growing formations in rocks- that something seemingly solid is
quite alive in a sense. A hidden treasure with in, and in our house part of a growing
collection of nature.
Please visit Norma's blog for more variations on the theme "crystal"


  1. wonderful pink crystals....
    i love drawing them, holding them, seeing them, thinking of crystals
    lovely sharing, thank you

  2. This post brings back a wonderful memory for me, Kristen, of growing crystals when I was a child. Somehow we used a lump of coal and ammonia (?), and possibly food coloring. I am going to look up the recipe and if I find it, I will email you the link.
    xxoo, sus

  3. Yes that was what I thought about first also, all this wonderful crystals made by nature, I like that you made your painting like this old school charts and all the treasures and specimens you and your son collected.
    xo Barbara Bee

  4. You're taking me back to school times, when we experimented with crystals and then I went home and let crystals grow together with my father who is a chemist and knew how to do that....great painting, that suits perfect the mineral collection of your son!

  5. This drawing reminds me of tall towering buildings built by man but leaning and not really liveable. I don't know why. Anyway...I love this drawing. The colour. And the placement with the other natural things. A gorgeous display overall Kristen. Thanks!!! Norma, x

  6. i popped by your post last night and didn't leave word, because your gem kinda gobsmacked me... it is awesome, and i couldn't find the words.
    today i did find the words :
    LOVE it, n♥

  7. i have a son like your son
    although it's getting less now he is 16
    and he has a crystal like you painted!
    one of his favorites

    i love your painting
    and the display, mmmm.....


  8. your crystal does glow against that dark background, it gives a very fine expression of the' fascination' factor, looking forward to the other gems, xx