Saturday, January 18, 2014

drawing Challenge- Numen

The first drawing challenge of the year is being hosted by
lovely Tammie. She chose Numen which is a Latin term for divinity,
or divine will making itself known- sometimes in an object or place.
My first thoughts on this were of a place that seems magical somehow, 
but as the week went on it came to me that divinity is really in all things when
you allow your self to see it.
Please visit  Tammie's Beauty Flows Blog for more on the theme Numen.
and have a great weekend!


  1. I love what you have shared about divinity, about numen.
    Thank you.
    such a wonderful energetic painting.... on this building.

  2. Yah, numen is nowhere and everywhere, it's the own decision. Dear Kristen, it is easy to find it here. Wonderful energetic drawing!

    xo Ariane.

  3. I did not even know what Numen was, so I enjoyed learning & seeing your interesting interpretation.

  4. Now I'm convinced about the existance of numen. It IS everywhere!
    Great idea to prove!

  5. Wowness..this is spectacular! your image carries such potency and energy and a a very magical the sense of movement! I also love what you wrote and shared! Beautifully said!
    Wonderful for this challenge.
    Victoria, pencil and wing

  6. my comments here comprising two posts in one, i hope. yes, the new year is beginning to look like quite a challenge of sorts, and the spirit is gathering. certainly here too. mhm... i really like alot what you are creating here above. i think flow is of essential importance, and let's face it. flow is endless, like your shapes. as such flow is always and again, a new beginning. n♥

  7. Oh you wise woman Kristen! Yes! Numen is in every particle. Every atom. Love your post. If atoms are energy and always moving, then that flowing shape is weaving its' essence through the building scape. Norma, xo

  8. Yes, yes - I agree Kristen. Divinity - like beauty - can be found everywhere if we are fully present.
    have a creative and beauty-filled week!

  9. You are so right, we forget that you can see and find it everywhere...just open yourself up. Sometimes I can, but on a bad day it seems impossible. You made a beautiful piece here, love it ad it made me think...

  10. late but very happy bithday to you dear Kristen, somehow i get the feeling that, creative wise, this year is going in an interesting and satifying direction for you,
    you had my attention already with your disposable drawings and here i am very amused and elated with the way you drew that pattern on the photos, changing them, bringing in or should i say out the energy, the numen,lovely, xx

  11. This is such a unique interpretation! I agree that numen is everywhere--we just need to be able to stop, be quiet and listen!

  12. I agree with everything you said and I remember this photos. And! It might be no surprise if I tell you that I had the same idea, drawing on an photo, not the same kind of drawing, more like dotted circles or something more organic... but still. So I'm glad that I did not but you and in such a wonderful way, I love them and the spirit is highlighted this way and I like that you include the border into the artwork.
    Barbara Bee

  13. Hi Kristen, what a strange place, this you show us!
    a large wall with a small window!
    I like. and your intervention really puts something magical
    I share with you the idea, if we want,
    numen is everywhere
    nice week!

  14. Oh wow, what is it?
    Great drawing, dear Kristen, art is Numen!
    x Stefanie

  15. divinity
    if you look for it

    i come here everyday
    to look at your beautiful drawings
    the movement and some mystery too
    which i like very much
    and that royal blue too!


  16. also, what i noticed last night thus, was the electricity pole in your second image. love him too!