Friday, January 17, 2014

I wanted to thank everyone for the nice comments on my last post :)
and a special Thank You to Barbarabee for spotting a drawing of mine in a
 new book called Freehand-Sketching Tips and Tricks drawn from Art by Helen Birch .

After the initial shock and feelings of foolishness- I managed to find the book on Amazon
and my husband ordered it for me for my birthday today.
 I remember Helen's assistant getting in touch with me over a year ago about using 
that drawing and I admit I didn't think anything would come of it.
Luckily I have some sharp eyed friends ;) (Nadine you too)
If nothing else it's given me a little boost in spirit to keep drawing - or painting- or making what ever.
It's exciting to see all the new projects you all are doing and I am looking forward
in anticipation to what the year brings creatively to us all.
Happy Friday!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear Kristen!
    All the best and LOVE to you... hugs and kisses, many :-*
    xo Ariane.

  2. Happy Happy Birthday, Kristen! What a great surprise & birthday gift! I am so excited for you!

  3. Oh, happy birthday, dear Kristen and congratulations on being published - I have the book home from the library and will look for YOU!
    xxxooo, sus

    1. Well, what a wonderful surprise to find yourself in a book! Congratulations AND happy birthday.

  4. a day late
    may it be a wonderful year
    full of surprises and adventures ;^))


  5. I too am a little bit late in my wishes - Happy Birthday Kristen! What a perfect birthday surprise! Congratulations! The book looks great, and I have it on my wish list. I love your creations in the previous post too.