Tuesday, January 21, 2014

We are back in the deep freeze this morning and waiting for more snow to arrive
Over the weekend I had some girl time with my daughter riding around
making a list of all the birds we saw.
We also managed to see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty in the theater.
A good movie if your looking for one :)
I'm thinking this may be a good week for soup 
(of course when is it not a good time for soup really)
sometimes hunting for a new recipe is half the fun- 
hope your having a good start to the week!


  1. That red hat!
    Soup is always a good idea, indeed. We have soup most every Thursday. This week it will be chili, even though our weather remains unseasonably warm.
    best wishes, sus

  2. it's always a good time for soup! ;^))

  3. that red hat made me smile too, lovely colors in your shots.
    i made broccoli soup today, xx

  4. Hi Kristen, I love snow when viewed in the amount you see in these pictures, no snow covering everything abominably. I love that red hat, I love soup when it's cold!
    good week for you!

  5. Love this…hope you are staying warm!

  6. i've wondered about mitty. glad to hear it's alright. it looked it from the poster.
    the discovery of red in your images is a delight!