Tuesday, January 28, 2014


We are still bracing against the cold here. Spending too much time indoors
makes us all a little stir crazy.

So we go out for a little adventure and get frozen faces.
It was 7F/ -15C roughly the other day, with a wind that made it hard to breathe.

I've been thinking of making things in series;  these "disposable drawings"
have branched off into "portraits of domesticity"- or cow drawings.

I was going to make nine thinking that would be a good number
when my daughter said I should make 100 as that is a far better number...
We'll see- perhaps other "domestic" creatures can be added.

I also am really liking how my crystal painting came out 
from the last Drawing challenge and thought I would do a little painting
 series in that vein. School educational collections. I just painted 5 small
boards with chalkboard paint to work on.
Being pent up can make one feel productive :)


  1. Love that adorable first photo! Your cow drawings are excellent….100 is a very good number!!?? lol …stay warm, we are bracing for another deep freeze. They are so not used to it here. School is already canceled for both today & tomorrow.

  2. Your daughter is sweet! Great shot. Love your cow drawing. They are very expressive.
    Stay warm!

  3. that first image, ha! ;^))
    and your cows! wow....
    i love cows
    good memories from long ago
    and when i do my shopping at the farm
    i often go sees the little calfs

    stay warm!

  4. We had nearly the same temperature and wind also, so we know how you feel, but I feel a bit trapped and unproductive and admire your productiveness and this enormous output - great drawing. And it seems that you have enough to do for the whole year with your daughter as a manager! Very demanding show off instead of spilling as a german saying goes. Hau rein!
    xo Barbara bee

  5. the crystal painting is great! drawings, too.
    and I wonder how you took the pic of your daughter... my kids are playing like that, too, but always moving moving moving...
    have fun!
    x Stefanie

  6. great creatures!!
    love the photo of your little girl :) x

  7. Hi Kristen in some way, I use to think that cold is creative, heat is numbing. ( at least my brain tells me so) HA HA!
    i like your crystal paintings!!! Ohhhhh do you have a snake's skin into a jar???
    here where i live there are some poisonous snakes as Coral and Yarar√°. MMmmm i have goossebumps right now :)

  8. well, i sure like the "portraits of domesticity"-title, as i do the contents! heavens, your cows are to die for.
    and a 100 seems like, alot!
    even if you throw in other domesticities...

  9. Such beautiful drawings of the cows. So lovely Kristen! They make me feel calm and happy. Norma, x