Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Another cow to add to the group. 
You'd be surprised how difficult it is to find good 
cow faces to use as reference...or maybe I'm just too picky.
I'm starting to look around for more domestic objects to add
alongside- aprons came to mind pretty readily.
What things remind you of  domesticity?


  1. String, string, string in all sorts and sizes! Wooden ironing boards.... not that I use an ironing board much anymore.... in fact when I drag the iron out I have to re-introduce myself to it!
    Your cow face is lovely. Pinterest must have LOTS of images to check out. OR you could visit the farms near our place!!!

  2. Love your cows & the apron! The gingham is such a perfect compliment.

  3. I'd love to see your cow faces silkscreened onto fabric and used on aprons, cloths, etc.; perhaps book bags. A long handled (wooden painted a nice color like red or blue,) with sewn corn husks for the sweeping part, along with a metal dustpan speaks domesticity to me. *smiles* Norma, x

  4. Oh what beautiful cow faces you have created! A agree with Norma that they would be a delight on fabric. domesticity??? hmm I will have to think on that one.

  5. I agree with Norma cow aprons would be great! Very nice cow drawing, I really like how she (he?) looks , a bit snooty as if she knew something we don't.
    Happy Valentines Day to you.
    barbara bee

  6. oh, a cow, for sure, reminds me of domesticity just as much as anything else.... but that's no help to your query, i'm guessing. ....
    the apron looks vintagely ravishing.