Saturday, February 8, 2014

DC - Daily Project

Our Host for the Drawing challenge this week is very talented
Stefanie who chose "daily projects" for the theme...

I have admired many artistes who can really commit themselves to doing a daily
project and I expect what you learn from that kind of discipline must be
tremendous- especially if it is done over a longer period of time.

I think with my own work I'm geared more to doing short series of works.
I've really enjoyed this recently and this week's challenge was spot on
with my thinking

I chose to do a small series of nature studies -
(inspired from Norma's theme earlier crystal)

I painted them on boards covered in chalkboard paint, which gives a nice mat 
black finish and reminds me of old educational posters.

Please visit Stefanie's blog for more projects and have a great weekend!


  1. hi, Kristen, I can not even do like you, small series. I think it is (and I call it)
    creative anxiety.
    which reaches not let me sleep some nights
    my anxiety makes while I'm doing a drawing, I'm thinking about the next
    It is not pleasant. I assure
    but, strangely, in my life, I'm a quiet guy, every time I am less nervous, more patience :)
    Your series is exquisite, congratulations.
    Good Sunday to you, Kristen!

  2. yes, i agree, the background black looks even fascinating from here, very full and inviting. i think all of your designs look totally lush with the black in back.
    as long as it isn't a boring chore, a daily intention, we're fine. i'll admit i find myself prone to some, erm, misapprehending a daily project, depending how elaborate it is. it is also about an inner search for balance, i find, a daily showing up. and a work in progress, naturally. and failing is so possible. that's a relief! ;)))

  3. they are really beautiful, the black finish is a great background for your luminous colours. and I thougth of these educational posters before I read your text!
    :-) mano

  4. I love your small paintings! How small are they? the colors are beautiful with that background. I also admire people who have a daily project, I want that too… even if I draw every day, a project feels a such a commitment. I'm a little perfectionist and a bit afraid that a daily project will keep me busy all day ;-)))

  5. these are beautiful!
    the blackboard works very fine
    and the first painting makes me ;^)))
    this week i had to go to the dentist, ha!
    i love making series, i think in series
    but a daily project... we will see how it goes


  6. lovely to see each of your paintings

    i never thought of chalkboard paint for a surface
    when we were little my mother painting our bedroom wall with this paint, so that we had a large surface to draw on, so much fun

  7. Black makes a powerful background to your nature series, which pops right out of the screen, Kristen! Can you tell me what size these paintings are? Have a great week. xo Carole

  8. Just love these Kristen. The way the black matte background makes the colors and the shape itself pop. The images are stunning. I can imagine a puppet show with a black background and the shapes and figures and characters and props all painted this brilliant simple way. I mean the idea is pure (simple) NOT that these are easy to paint. Far from it. The simplicity of the visual belies the complexity of the drawing. Love this project. Norma, xo

  9. A wunderful set of paintings. I love them all, particulary the bright colors. Thank you.
    Greetings from Lucia

  10. Oh, they are wonderful, I love the last one!

  11. As I mentioned before I'm a hugh fan of educational posters and yours are beautiful. In the end you'll have a wonderful collection for an exhibition - looking forward to see them hanging on a wall!
    xo hugs barbara bee

  12. these are so beautiful; the colors, the design and the background (a great idea). I would put every single one of them on my wall!

  13. Well, these are absolutely stunning, Kristen. I am awestruck. LOVE the moth (of course), and the teeth are just flat fabulous. Keep going - you are on to something really fine in this series.

  14. a beautiful series, Kristen!
    I really appreciate your style, there´s something about your work so... don´t know the expression, sorry, I feel easy while looking at it... I simply enjoy!
    Thank you for playing
    x Stefanie

  15. I can't tell you how much I love your educational painting series!
    Each subject seems so unique and important on that mat black background.
    Simply great!

  16. they look super Kristen, the way you painted them, very clear and in many colors on mat black makes each one of them is getting my full attention, and again i realize the uniqueness, the wonder of them.

    maybe somewhere in the future i'll try 'a daily project', 'till now i just can't bring myself to do it, i can feel the fun and satisfaction you all had in this dc, to me it felt like forced.
    my 'animals for grandson' project is the only project i did so far and it became one without a time limit :(