Sunday, February 23, 2014

DC - Eye Contact

Playing along this weekend with Renilde and her choice for the drawing challenge
is "Eye contact" which was aptly fitting for me as we just got back from
a trip to New York where eye contact is an art!
When to look -when not-many a stolen glance or direct stare,
bouncing off the masses to find smiling faces here and there.

Please visit Renilde's blog Stroke of the Brush to make more eye contact.


  1. interesting to think of eye contact in NYC
    I remember being there once and my host told me NOT to look people in the eye on a few particular streets, it was a shocking thing to consider.
    your photo and sign are fun.

  2. So glad you lifted your sun glasses up off your eyes, Kristen. It's hard to get eye contact through dark lenses. Although it's a lot easier for the wearer to sneak an eyeful without being detected! Thanks for the hint about NYC. Have a great week.

  3. Hmmm, yes - when not to look! My daughter warns me not to make eye contact with people when I am in the Big City - hard not to though, as it is a safe habit here in Petersburg!
    I loved following along with your NYC trip on Instagram.

  4. don't you look dashing, kristen! hope you've had a terrific stay. will you only post in insta, can i see it anyway, i guess instagram is an open source, right? (am totally oblivious of it!)

    it's funny, the one time i was in nyc i'd been warned and i remember my very first walk was a shaky walk, esp. toting a camera...? turned out just fine, but i did indeed not make an awful lot of eye contact.

  5. haha, very lovely you and ok, very interesting your words!
    x Stefanie

  6. eye catching,intensive, beautiful and funny
    these words are coming to my mind looking at your post
    photo and words combined would make a great poster.

    very interesting how environment, time and place has an influence on making eye contact.

    thanks Kristen, xx

  7. I never heard about that, and it makes me think of the cultural differences of eye contact, that are truely existing! Perfect glasses for Big Apple, by the way! I somehow think of hiding behind an example of NY Times with two little holes in it, so I could easily watch people without staring on them too obviously, haha!

  8. Dear Kristen,
    you clever woman! An optician poster with such a clear message, red and black on white, best contrast to perceive, to see. Eyes are the window to the soul... what a nice 'Catch me!'... in NYC, wow! And via screen I try to catch you... and, I have the feeling that my heart already know you :)


  9. I liked that about the stolen glances
    I guess I could not survive in New York. (imagine that where I live, in winter we are only 400 inhabitants) ha ha!
    I would not know who to look among so many people!

  10. hello you!
    i didn't know about that
    that eye contact is in an art in new york
    i love to make eye-contact and do it all the time
    will it get me in trouble?.... it wil sure mean adventure, no? ;^))