Monday, February 24, 2014

It's been over 20 years since I've been in Manhattan
and my husband reminded me that I'm not the person I was when I lived here
(I went to college in Brooklyn)

I am most definitely more comfortable in my own skin now-
as New York can sometimes leave you feeling overwhelmed and exposed 

As well as excited and inspired by the clash of sensations that bombard you
as you walk around. 

In any truly large city it's always impressive to witness the amount of humanity 
that can coexist together- like a magnet we are drawn together
to these points on the map...
I had to ask my kids-
 "Do you think you're a city mouse or a country mouse?"


  1. What did your kids answer? I guess with kids is much nicer to be in the countryside, you place looks so nice with hens and the wild animals visiting you now and then.
    I've been once to New York and thought it was amazing and a bit like in all the films I've seen, so not really surprising, but to live there? Phew, I guess its a challenge if you're younger...
    Barbara Bee
    P.S. Nice pics especially of your wonderful daughter!

    1. My son answered Country Mouse instantly- my daughter said she wasn't sure yet and asked if she could be both- I think that's my answer too :)

  2. I am definitely conflicted on this one. I guess I am more of a country mouse (one of my favorite childhood stories by the way) but another part of me loves the city. Great photos! Did you go to Brooklyn College? My son went there.

    1. I went to Pratt Institute in the Fort Green area, and I've always thought they needed a nomadic mouse- who travels back and forth in that story ;)

  3. Last night, dear Kristen, my mother told me that she is a country mouse.. she is living in Hamburg, with nearly 2 million incl. me ;-)
    I remember that I started to cry as I must move back after a long weekend at the seaside back to Hamburg, because I didn't want back into the density... but: We are living right in the centre of this city, with lots of Museums and cinema, cafes, family and friends... and close to nature with trees and rivers: In the morning a robin is singing and in the night a nightingale. So, two souls alas! are dwelling in my breast!
    NYC... maybe one day... your pics whet my appetite! Even on instagram. They look as you are still feeling 'at home' in Big Apple.

    Looking forward for your vase :)


    1. I feel the same way Ariane- I love the variety and the peace :)

  4. I was a quite city girl. I was raised in central Tokyo, seeing the big city changing much bigger and bigger. I was not aware that I lived in such a big city at that time and never tired. Now I live in Nara, which is an ancient city of Japan, and my husband's home town as well.He and I decided to settled down in his hometown when my husband retired, because his weakening mother needed our help. Honestly, sometimes I miss Tokyo but I get to know how historical, calm environment are kind to my age. I have been adapting to the new place!
    I hope my poor English can be understandable.
    Have a good week.

    1. It seems to me you've gotten the best of both worlds Tomoko :)

    2. Thank you. I have been gradually realizing!
      Have a good weekend!

  5. New York, maybe one day

    i lived in Rotterdam and in a small village when i was young and i loved it both

    we moved to this village when the kids where young
    and i till think that is the best thing we did
    i miss Rotterdam sometimes and love to visit
    but don't know if i would like to live there again....
    maybe someday when the kids moved out
    just the two of us, we'll see ;^))

    1. I've often thought the same Patrice- when the kids move out....what could I do then :)
      And for sure being in a small community with children I feel they can take their time growing up

    2. P.S.
      did you walk the new york high line?
      designed by piet oudolf
      one of my favorite dutch(!) gardendesigners
      it's one of the reasons i want to visit new york
      someday ;^))
      and when i do i will ask you for the best places to be!