Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A little mid week pottery update
experimenting with different glazes- the two tiles
are made with a low fired glaze and come out very rustic,
which I'm not that crazy about but like being able to paint more 
accurately the design I want...while the coil pot is dipped in a more traditional
 high fire glaze which is lovely and shinny but harder to "paint" design with.
As with most clay it's always a bit of a surprise how anything will come out.

The round face was made by my oldest with a self hardening clay and the rock
was painted by my youngest. Hope your having a good week!


  1. Hi, Kristen. How fun! I especially like your coil pot.
    best, nadia

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  3. Kristen - yes I love the coil pot too, and the hen on the tile is wonderful. I also of course love both the face creations your children made - what a delight! Thanks for sharing them all.

  4. Im sorry i delete the previous comment because i wrote the wrong link :)

    Hi Kristen, I really like the work of your daughters!
    and yours, is difficult to paint with high temperature glazes (unless you submerge the piece). I did a lot of pottery, baking at 950 degrees piece and painting it with oil (same paint pictures) and I really liked the result.
    I also like having different "stamps" (screws, gear clocks, bottles caps, etc, everything you find there, anything goes) to apply to the piece, wet, and then when you apply enamel, after the first baked in those areas, glaze meets more and is a good effect.
    check this out, this woman is wonderful:

    PS: No, my wife never knew i was playing with her shoes! haha :9

    1. wow thank you Roberto for that link- she is pretty awesome!
      Do you still do pottery?? I've really been enjoying it- there is so much to explore with clay- love your suggestions with the stamps!

  5. Hey Kristen you just ooze with talent! So do your kids! Happy first day of spring to you. xo Carole

  6. This post just makes me SMILE!
    Happy first day of sunny spring, Kristen and family.