Saturday, March 8, 2014

DC - Hair

Nadine has given us the challenge of drawing hair this weekend...
or fur as in my case.
I feel like what came to me most was thinking about direction 
(and of course how sharp my pencil was)
It occurred to me that direction in and of itself could be a metaphor for describing
hair as often hair is a signal to others (animal and human) as to who we are.
Tidy, sloppy, dangerous, religious, sexy, old or as a form of camouflage...
Really a whole host of descriptions can be assessed from a persons hair
by the viewer that is...

I made this video (with the help of my clever husband) of me making this drawing sped up

I hope you enjoy it :) and please visit Tiny Wolf's Blog for more versions to the theme !


  1. Wow Kristen! I have been so impressed by your cow drawings, it was so much fun to get to watch the whole process. You & your husband are both very clever indeed.

  2. I love watching you draw.! great moo mooomoooooo.

  3. I love your cow drawings - and so loved watching your video on drawing them. Thanks for sharing it. I also loved the photo in your previous post with your cow drawings hung up together.

  4. I was just thinking of hair like a "Cow lick" and then your cow came to me...

  5. Wow! Your video is amazing - it must have taken so much time. I loved watching the eyes appear on the portrait. Great post, thanks!!

  6. That is a fantastic drawing and thanks for the video as well, that is informative and I do love processes of making art:) Leena

  7. A great drawing and that video was so much fun to watch, love how you (or your clever husband) did that!

  8. she's beautiful. it's been wonderful watching your progress over the years. your discipline is inspiring and humbling. (btw-I had a dream last night that I met you in person-ha-so funny, dreams)

  9. wonderful to watch your drawing come to life.
    wonderful music to go with it.
    yes, hair does tell things about us....

  10. And, Oooh, I have enjoyed it, indeed, dear Kristen!
    you are a left-hander, and you use the (sharp) pencil in a directive manner, use it soft and bright, then in a strong, dark way. You slide over the paper, knowing what to do, resolute.Terrific! #11 is a pretty cow.

    Thanks to your clever husband. you are. beautiful.

    xo Ariane.

  11. Kristen, watching you draw cow11 is mesmerizing. After watching you draw this for the third time I felt as though I'd been sitting across from you at your table. Love every hairy cow you've drawn so far. Aren't their eyes so full of love!
    Have a mootiful week! (oh sick, did I really write that!) xo Carole

  12. Hi Kristen, I loved the way you face the challenge!
    really. I loved the video, and I like that your husband helped you. and I liked the Coldplay song! thanks!!!!!!!
    have a nice week!!!!!!!!

  13. what do you think, whether i enjoyed this....? ah!
    i love the process and progress of your drawing, i learn so much from it, it feels. and it's the realism in your drawing that both mystifies and clarifies. because watching a drawing grow like this, i find it magical.
    i hopped on over to your inviting website too. like i'm getting to you know you a little better, all over again, if that makes sense.

  14. this is great!!! wow!
    you really are a great artist! so inspiring and I love the cow, so much feelings in its face, very touching.
    x Stefanie

  15. i love cows (and calfs! always nice to visit them at the farm)
    and i love your cow-drawing!!
    and now you two made this movie
    it's so great to see you draw
    as if i was there with you....
    how i wish .....


  16. Well done! Your cow is lovely and I love her deep eyes. Don't they have the most gorgeous eyes? Well done on the movie too...I would say that husband's a keeper. :)

  17. your cow drawing is sososo wonderful. but the video stopped after 25 sec and I don't know why!? perhaps we have very very slow internet?

  18. Oh wow, how could I miss this, its really wonderful to see you draw!
    I always wanted to make a video of me making some stuff and you did it! GREAT!
    barbara bee