Friday, March 14, 2014

Drawing Challenge- Connections

I have been thinking about connecting painting and sewing a lot lately and decided to play around with that for the theme this weekend...above silly shapes that somehow connect through thread.

And above how thoughts connect to the heart which connects to actions.
These are small 5x7" pieces on canvas duck cloth.

Please join me and these wonderful artists as we make connections this weekend!
I know I can't wait to see what they've done :)


  1. Kristen! Thanks for this excellent theme which you have obviously been thinking about a lot. These two pieces so lovingly stitched and printed have a quirkiness I adore. I have to go finish mine off so I can post it on Saturday. Have a great weekend. xo Carole

  2. i love your second tableau, so, so much. i can't stop crying.
    oh, dear... touching a very tender spot you are, here. thxs.
    me too, i've been thinking about connections all week. am right now, in fact. feeling them too. n♥

  3. Oh I love these! The colors and the shapes, really nice and somehow they make me feel good! thank you for this theme and I wish you a nice weekend!

  4. I love your unique colors and ideas of connections! Thank you for the inspiring theme, Leena

  5. Brilliant work Kristen. It looks very Frida Kahlo-ish to me. Lovely connections. Thank you for letting me play along. :) Hope your weekend is shaping up nicely.

  6. such fine connections
    and especially the second one touches me deeply
    thank you for this theme!
    i loved it
    again ;^))


  7. this is beautiful! I blogged a blast from the past for his one as I had a whole series of works entitled 'the connections series'! I hope thats OK, it seemed to good a link not to use. I love your take on the theme xxxx

  8. I thought i wrote you a message last night.... hum
    perhaps I forgot to do the word verification, that happens sometimes, i think i am done when i hit publish.
    your paintings and thread are a wonderful marriage, they are fun to look at and consider.

    thank you for hosting this week
    you inspired many wonderful thoughts about connection through out this week!

  9. Hi, Kristen, thanks for the invitation. The theme chosen by you is a wonderful opportunity to create.
    I love your painting "stitched", really. I do not know why, really, maybe the colors, came into my mint some works by Joan MirĂ³. the first work rather than the second, perhaps "abstract thing" and pure colors
    I loved your work! congratulations!

  10. I love the "heart to action" piece: graphic and clean and concise. This was a great theme-- it got my thoughts going in all directions!!

  11. Dear Kristen,
    'heart to action' touches my heart... lovely connection. Love the pure (primary) colours of both.

    I have used threads, too, for connection, Dear!
    xo Ariane.

  12. Oh Jeeze Louise, Kristen - I have not kept my promise to play connection - but I love what you have presented!
    Gad, will life ever be calm again???
    xxxoo -sus

  13. I love your work so much!!
    last week I had first days of my exhibition and I got many new connections with wonderful people, but I'm so sorry - I had no time for dc!
    :-) mano

  14. so very nice and hearty - I really do love your style of painting (the tea pots are fantastic, too). very fresh and free, looking at your paintings I always think the painter must be a very friendly person!
    I was not home last weekend, quite sorry to have missed the connection d.c.
    x Stefanie

  15. This is f...g awesome - love that really! Especially the one with the heart.