Monday, March 10, 2014

Invitation to "Draw"

So I'm hosting this weeks theme for the drawing challenge
 (which as you may know does not have to be specifically about drawing)

I've chosen the word "Connections" 

Feel free to take that where ever it may lead you-
Perhaps the interconnections you see in your environment,
or how you view or imagine objects relating to one another...
or perhaps the disparity between said objects.
What makes things connect in your mind?
Memories, sensations, deja vu??

I hope you decide to play along....
Leave your name in the comments and I'll link you up Friday night
and we'll see you some time on the weekend!


  1. Deja vu, dear Kristen...
    almost to the day 2 years ago I chose the same theme :-)
    Exciting! Yes, of course, I am in!

    Love, Ariane xo

  2. so in!
    lovely theme
    and i don't remeber
    if i joined two year ago....

  3. That's great, I'm going to have a bit more time this week so I won't be so very Count me in please. :) Oh, just found you're on Instagram...good, now I can follow.

  4. I'm going to try to do my best to participate in this as I love your theme.

  5. Yes, Kristen, I will re-connect with the drawing challenge this time.
    Smiling from my new house,

  6. I want to connect too ;-) so I'll play!

  7. wow.
    you will set me thinking.
    thank you. gladly.

  8. how wonderful to find you! off to post right now! x

  9. I will try to connect with your proposal the next weekend!! :)

  10. such a vast and wonderful prompt!
    i would enjoy joining you all. Thank you for hosting!

  11. I am a bit late but willing to join if it is not too late? Thank you for a challenging theme, Leena

  12. Oh oh, not much time to join but I will, thank you Kristen!