Saturday, March 29, 2014

drawing Challenge- WATER

This weekends theme "Water" from Patrice was a lot of fun to play with

 How can you not think of water when painting! 
As it is a vehicle that moves the pigment around your page

It is also the only element that can be found in a solid, 
liquid or gaseous state on our planet 

It is so vital to everything we know that it is often overlooked.
So thank you Patrice! for giving us a chance to remember.
Please visit Her blog for more on the theme Water!


  1. I love your 'water' interpretation Kristen! The water colour so different in each, and the brush strokes are beautiful. I so enjoy visiting your blog - loved the photos in the previous post too!

  2. Hi Kristen, I love that you wrote about water. and really, sometimes do not think about how many things in our everyday life is water. In fact a high percentage of our body is water.
    I like your four small (I guess) paintings.
    a hug!

  3. hail to your lovely, soothing stills, just the ticket for me, today;
    they partner up well too, i think, the deserted (?) island being my number 1, or would it be, could it be iceberg? ;)))

    1. oh, for me it is an iceberg, dear Nadeschda.

  4. Dear Kristen,
    I love how you move the pigments by water. Are you painting on glass? (I was wondering inwardly at your yellow pic with sweet armadillo). The transparence, the brushstroke... hmmm!
    Wonderful row of pics and thoughts!

    xo Ariane.

  5. I always like to see your interpretations of these drawing challenges…you always have a unique perspective to offer which I find both intriguing & amusing.

  6. They´re wonderful. Each painting tells another story.

  7. Oh I love them! I don't know which one is my favorite, I'm totally in love with these small images! I want more!

  8. These paintings, each one, are a delight to look at, as refreshing as WATER!
    xxoo, sus

  9. Very focused and yet relaxed, I love the deep blue colors, Leena

  10. Yes! Wonderful like little tempting icons of the element of water and you're so right about the different aggregate states - good point!
    I guess you will like Haeckel!
    hugs bee

  11. Big bold swooshes but funny, it is your simple little boat that intrigues me most. I love that.

  12. i have been here before
    loving what i see but no words
    they make me silent, calm
    and i like that
    thank you!!
    Patrice A.

  13. wonderful to enjoy your water themed paintings
    yes, how can we not think of water while painting
    or living ;-)