Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A little ceramic update and finally some spring-ish weather!
I made these little containers with holes to hang them and was so excited
when the plants went in but I completely forgot to buy hooks to hang them from
So they'll sit for awhile.
My kids have learned about "Photobombing" ! and have informed me
that I am no longer safe taking pictures ;)
Hope your off to a good week!


  1. Completely wonderful, everything! Your little ceramic pots are pure fun, I like how the watch the world and the plants fitting perfect in them and your kids doing a good job with photobombing! LIKE
    hugs barbara bee

  2. oh, this is so beautiful! I'll like to pin the second one it at my pinterest board with a linke to your blog. is it ok?
    I never heard from photobombing. but now I'll look to all my pictures to find one...
    :-) mano

  3. Phantastic! dear Kristen!
    All: your photobombing daughter :)) and your ceramic pots! and of course your dreamy, vividly eye of God!
    Ja, spring! spring!
    May I invite you to this week's dc? my theme is: nest.
    xo Ariane.

  4. Hi Kristen!!! Congratulations!!!!! Each time i come to your blog and see your ceramics pieces grow in me the desire of put my hands into mud, HA HA
    You know I have something similar, made by me?
    look here, please.


    Have a nice day!!!!! :)

  5. Your ceramic pots are wonderful! Their eyes and noses are sooo lovely .
    It is first time to know the word "photobombing". How fun!

  6. such a charming young woman in the top photo, so fun!
    love your planters and they look awesome with their plant companions!
    fun color schemes too, so full of the spirit of spring.

  7. if you could only know how much i love the simplicity in this post. heart warming! and that colour too! n♥

  8. The best photo bomber I have seen! Adorable & happy planters too!