Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Back from a quick trip South to visit family and celebrate
my oldest turning 11...I won't even go into how fast time flies!
This ceramic cat looks about how I'm feeling today...
It's raining and I have a sun burn, a nice little contradiction.
Hope your having a good week- looking forward to catching up on blogs soon!


  1. Hey, is this a cat made by you? I like it!!!!!!!!!!!
    his face is Wow!!! so expressive!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Love this cat's funny face… nice you were down south….& even have a sun burn!!!

  3. Wow,,,,,such an expressive cat! The face looking at me looks sad. I hope he is not lonely..... Happy birthday to your oldest daughter!
    Have a happy day, with smile.

  4. I can just hear your kitty hmm-phing! Great face.
    Life is full of little contradictions. Happy week to you.
    xo Carole

  5. The cat seem to be quite a person:D x Leena

  6. Hi, Kristen - this marvelous little cat seems to be saying"we are not impressed".
    Happy birthday, 11 - that is impressive!!!
    love, sus