Sunday, April 13, 2014

DC Hat/Cap

I'm coming in late for the DC this weekend (phew!)...our host Tammie Lee has chosen the theme
hat/cap and since she makes such wonderful and whimsical nature pieces I thought I would follow
suite -A tree in a cap :)
Please check out her blog for more hats/caps- I know I will !


  1. Hi, Kristen - What a happy tree girl - she makes me smile! I am late to the challenge too, flossy and I just back from Denver and glad to be home! Happy week to you and your family, sus

  2. haha, a happy tree! I'm in a christmas-mood now! Love the little red hat, she makes me smile as well!

  3. cute! I she seems rather content and the red hat is a nice touch.

    thanks for stopping by blog, have a great day.

  4. quite cute
    a tree cap
    makes me smile
    thank you for joining us!

  5. What a cute tree! Love to see the slim figure and pretty red hat!

  6. i could easily be
    the book cover of a wonderful tale
    the title (when tranlated) fits it all so well
    birds home....
    love it all!

  7. i bet... here we have a true donegan.... humour intended.
    good to find you again, although insta seems to whisper to me you are on a holiday break, swimming, and generally, having a holiday... ;)))
    good cap, that, the holidays...