Sunday, April 6, 2014

Dc- Nest

Ariane has given us the theme Nest this week

So I thought I would share my little collection of nests 
I've been gathering over the past few seasons

empty nest or full I have always been amazed at the 
engineering and ingenuity of nest builders!

For more nesting please visit Arianne's blog Rose to see more
 and have a wonderful weekend :)


  1. you collect nests! how heavenly!!
    i have the great pleasure of having birdy visitors flying in and out of a neighbour's nest, right next to my studio. i wonder if the eggs will pop soon...???

  2. Oh, yah! dear Kristen,
    your gathering of bird bests are phantastic! And, aren't birds great builder?! Who teach them? Where did they get that from? The blue thread is really touching... and the feather... the hearts... simply beautiful.
    Thank you very much for sharing!


    1. ahem: bird Nests... but Bests is also good ;-)

  3. Hey, beautiful!
    Obvious, my favorite is the last one with the little egg shaped heart!!!
    All nests are little architectural works of the birds!
    Have a nice week!!!!

  4. That's a nice collection. No bird searching? :)

  5. What a collection you have! Brava. Natural precious functional (for the birds) art! This is the best kind of art I think. Thank you for the showing!!! Norma, x

  6. A wonderful collection, Kristen. I have only collected one nest as an adult, and couldn't move it with me so released it back into the wild. Such engineering was amazing to see up-close. Thanks for sharing your treasures with us.

  7. oh, a wonderful group of nests
    i agree wonderful engineering
    and so artful
    as are your wonderful photos!

  8. a collection of nests, wow!!!
    must be fun to play with them. I love how you took the pictures in front of the white background, very nice! x STefanie

  9. What a beautiful collection! I would put all kind of stuff in them I think ;-) I once found one, it is still at my fathers house. It is so carefully made, so beautiful. Thanks for showing, you made beautiful pictures of it!

  10. great! I love your little collection very much!
    :-) mano

  11. gosh.... what a beautiful post!!
    although we have a lot of birds and nests in our garden
    i have never ever found one
    what a beautiful collection....
    thank you!

  12. I have a collection of nests too….such amazing little dwellings!