Monday, April 7, 2014

Ice Fire Water Turkey

Ice is melting... throughout the landscape

As well as in the hearts of the Turkey's that visit us often!


  1. Looks interesting. Wow, friendly turkeys!
    Those girls are your children? They are so sweet with their long black hair. I like your plates. The brawn one is for autumn and blue one is for summer!!!

    Have a good new week!

  2. What powerful images, all,
    imagine the red and blue circles, as two large paintings, and increase its visual power!
    girls before the fire, have the power of tenderness.
    and turkeys displaying their feathers, the power of spring, wanting to emerge!

  3. ;^))
    last week was the first time
    we build a (small!) fire in our garden
    while we had an after dinner coffee
    and some fine chocolate
    my sweet friend brought me

  4. Yah, really powerful and rooted in nature,
    dear Kristen. Your kids at the fireplace. your paintings.
    and the Turkeys with hearts' melting. Full of life and love.

    xo Ariane.

  5. Love them all….plates….fire….turkeys!

  6. we occasionally see wild turkeys in the heart of urban oakland. so funny.
    thanks for coming to my blog and offering to help with my project ! very grateful !