Thursday, April 10, 2014

In between all the yard work (yes it's finally begun) I've been doing this week,
raking, raking, raking, picking up sticks and raking.
I am really enjoying all the emerging life around me...

Farrah (our lone hen) has been busy too pecking, scratching and nesting
alongside my raking, raking, picking up sticks and more raking...

One of my favorite events- a real harbinger of early Spring
is the chorus of tree frogs and peepers that sing non stop around our house.
Here is a little sample...

I decided to pay these small but vocal creatures a little homage with the  cut out leaves...
hope the video works!


  1. It works, dear Kristen, and how!
    One can see the connection between belly and 'sound bubble' and the note... amazing! Thank you. Even for the leaf silhouettes of frogs... you raking, raking, cutting ;-) Great!

    xo Ariane.

  2. oh those cut out frogs are divine xxx

  3. Hi,Cristen!
    Those cutout animals from small leaves are your works? I am so amazed! They are cute and expressive. You are a really artist! They should be put between plastics. so they can be pretty bookmarks.
    Sorry ,my English skill is not enough to understand what you are writing ...raking, raking. I looked up the word on my dictionary though.
    But I enjoyed this post!
    Have a good new week!