Monday, April 28, 2014

The end of a crazy spring break for me culminated at a rug hooking class in 
Jamaica Plain with Stephanie Allen Krauss for the weekend.
I had been looking for a number of years for a class or someone to teach me how to hook rugs-
My Grandmother made them and I have one that I cherish and a couple my Mother has kept that
I covet as well. I found this workshop and am now "hooked" (pun intended)
rug hooking has a wonderful tradition of reusing everyday materials that I'm looking forward to 
experimenting with and adding my own style to- 

The class was held at The Loring-Greenough House 
which was a lovely historical home with some fantastic features

This cat rug was made by Stephanie's Mother-
I especially love the color combination and over all quirkiness
to the design.
It was an inspiring end to a very compact week and I'm looking
 forward to getting back into my regular routine.


  1. You do everything.
    All the disciplines of art you do.
    I think we are the same kind of person.
    I want to do everything I see, everything I see, I like!
    Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Colage, Watercolor, everything!
    Oh. My day should last at least 40 hours!

  2. this looks like fun!
    ha, and i am like you and roberto
    would love to learn it all! ;^)))

    new dc theme is up
    i am hosting
    and hope you will join

  3. well. stunner there! all the reasons to start hooking are generously sampled here already. and then that interior, must be SO inspiring...

    ps - in reply to your comment; a map of my fair township, he? i'm not sure which i like best : the very idea of it, or the catching way you have phrased this. thank you, fair idea!

  4. I love that you want to continue in your Grandmother's footsteps of rug hooking. I so love those old hooked rugs, & you rarely see them anymore. I love the one above & your beginning. Good luck with this new medium….it's true you Kristen are certainly multi talented!