Sunday, May 4, 2014

D.C. Food

Patrice has asked us to use the theme "Food" this week.
At first I thought how easy a theme to work with- but the more I thought on it
the harder it got for me to decide how to approach it.
Food is so common and necessary to survival and yet complicated socially and emotionally too- 
depending on your health, age, financial situation, environment, religious beliefs...
to have or have not- Food is something so basic to living a productive life. 
Not to mention how we treat our food and or what is considered food...
as you can see I really went all over the road with this one in my head.

What stuck with me at the end was how wasteful we can be as a species- especially living in a 
"wealthy society" where more often than not food is seemingly abundant and there for taken for granted.
I have turned into an intuitive eater the older I get- keeping meals small and as simple as I can make them.
I am lucky to have a garden for vegetables, hens for eggs( though that is changing now that I'm down to one hen) and many local farms that have good farming practices to buy from near by.
I love keeping myself connected to the circle of life through food- growing/using/eating/composting or scrapping for "the hen" and reusing seeds. I like seeing the cattle grazing down the road from me knowing they had a good life before I buy meat to serve my family- above all I try to cook with love and appreciation
for all that I have ...and sometimes I even take the time to play with my food- :)
Please have a look at Patrice's Blog! to see more variations on the theme Food.


  1. I can see that you really had to think about this theme but I love with what you came up with! It is so true what you say and I try to eat as simple as I can and I wish I could provide more in my own vegetables… I almost never waste any food, I hate the idea what people trow away, how we don't think about it. And then your pictures made me smile, I love what you made of it, I could easily picture it as an animation ;-)

  2. Funny interpretation of the theme, these food masks :)

  3. Wow.... your photos make me laugh, your words cause me to ponder, and your intuitive eating intrigues me! Celine has a good idea about the animation.... you, my dear Kristen, could totally do it! xo Carole

  4. Wonderful! I haven't had time to participate in awhile, but this was so thoughtful (and fun) that I'm glad I popped in to see what everyone is up to.

  5. so allowed to play with leftovers too! i daren't almost ask what the two white balls were in a previous life, staring at me in image #1? ;))) n♥

  6. Yes, you're so right with your wise thoughts about food, especially about how we treat food - I have something about deep sea trawling, please read it!
    Your interpretation though is funny, hilarious and clever one can say you never dissapoint your audience. Thank you!
    barbara bee

  7. interesting what you say, and funny, what you show!

  8. A truly thoughtful and thought-provoking post, Kristen. Like water, food is so taken for granted in some cultures, but worth thanks and praise each day. I love your food-faces, btw!

  9. Hi Kristen, the link for the petition was in the post before (Fisch am Freitag)

    there is also a comic style explanation which might be interesting for your sons school class as well?

  10. Hi,Kristen,
    Your photos really surprised me, and soon, they made me laugh! Such humorous arrangements of vegetables!! What a thoughtful post!
    It is very shameful that many foods are thrown away.

  11. Your photos are funny & yet your commentary is so thoughtful & true. I admire your food principles. And your humor! : )

  12. ;^)))
    boy, how i love the way your mind work
    funny and great images!!
    and such true words
    i am with you, keeping the meals simple and pure
    teaching my kids about food and life
    the full circle

    thanks for playing!

  13. nice pictures and wise thoughts!
    you´re lucky with your garden!
    x Stefanie