Saturday, May 17, 2014

D.C. Memory

Memory- of who I used to a young girl there are lots of things
to remember and yet when looking back who was I really?
It's only by looking back that I see how far I've come.

Thanks so much to all those who signed up this weekend, 
I know I'm looking forward to seeing how
you all played along :)

Stefanie , Tania , Susan , Eric , Roberto , Emily  and Tammie


  1. I love your drawing. Very interesting. It reminds me that everything I did as a child was new and exiting. When you all click on my name you find a different blog. You can find d.c. on I don't know how to change this, is there someone who can help?

    1. Hi Joke- thanks for the new link I was uncertain about the one I got :)
      It should be all set now!!

  2. Wonderful drawing. It looks like the figure is floating in the infinity of past time.

  3. Wow, Wonderful drawing.I believe that I was also like this before I come to this world. long and long time ago!

    Thank you Cristen. I always need a lot of time to write English for my post! I look forward to join you! Have a happy weekend!

  4. This is just wonderful. Deep and touching.
    Can't stop diving into your drawing and into memories both at once.
    I'll come around for the others next week.
    You'll see why.
    A bientot!

  5. there is a wonderful feeling to this piece
    floating and being
    thank you for hosting for us!

  6. so true... there´s a big ocean of memories in my mind.
    I love your drawing, you show this ocean just perfectly!
    no beginning no end
    thanks for hosting x stefanie

  7. Ooh floating wonderful womb like! I love how the wc has dried, too, and your delicate floating past self.
    Also blog link to my post on DC: Memory theme is:
    (The one you have is to trail pixie studios. <3)

  8. Bonjour,
    Je découvre avec un immense plaisir votre univers et ce dernier billet est une belle ouverture sur les souvenirs.
    Ils deviennent nombreux !...
    Une très jolie oeuvre.
    Gros bisous ♡

  9. Kristen, I love your sweet floating memory child. I look forward to seeing the other interpretations for this interesting DC.

  10. i love your drawing
    floating happily
    and yes, who were we, really?
    your theme has been with me all week
    so many ideas and so little time
    thanks for this wonderful theme!!!
    Patrice A.

  11. phieeeeeeuuuuuw! i made it, and now i make time for memory of others. i just can't wait, i missed you all so very much. hi!

    there's words of truth in what you're saying, like every single one of 'em. i like your head and how it churns, i mean, yeah. i also love how you make me think of a jelly fish in there, you know? i LOVE jelly fish, by the way!

    thxs for this theme. it actually stuck to me like glue all week. some of that glue was real glue... ;)))

    1. hey kristen, could you perhaps also tell me something about the smal white strip at your personae's hand? i am intrigued.... ;)))

    2. :) Nadine it's just a spot that the water color didn't fill in and for some reason neither did I...I liked it as it seemed natural?? a little hole or floating organism :)

  12. Hi Kristen. the topic you have chosen is very attractive! I enjoyed participating.
    certain your words. And wonderful image. That blue color! how strong image, you've got
    that girl looks sunken in memories!
    have a nice week!!!

  13. Hello Kristen, your little drawing shows very will that feeling of floating memories and you're right we can only see and realize about our lives backwards although we have to live forward without knowing the future or having any map.

  14. Dear Kristen,
    wonderful painting! the blue with a touch of purple, a proper colour for this theme, 'cause for me it is the colour of the unconscious mind and the drawing of a floating child (it is switching into falling before my inner eyes sometimes) is so touching!
    The fine white stripe is switching, too. Well, and not all memories are fine, right? c'est la vie!

    Thank you for hosting and these theme, oh my... it fits so well ;-)

    xo Ariane.

  15. Hi Kristen, you've won something... can you contact me by email?
    (see my blog), Eric