Sunday, May 11, 2014

This weekend we have been blessed with stellar weather- and so much activity
in bird land (literally it sounds like a jungle outside at times) though this poor soul
was a little too careless flying into one of our windows. I am always fascinated by seeing 
these small birds up close and equally surprised by how light they are. This is a house wren-
and we gave it a proper burial in the flowers.

We celebrated Mother's day today in lazy fashion- pancakes, beach, ice cream,
quite time in that order.
I'm hosting the drawing challenge next week - and will be back on Tues with the theme!
Hope you had a nice weekend :)


  1. So much happiness in your Mother's day! Today I noticed your " instagram" on the side bar. Sorry it was late! There are many lovely images there! Thank you for sharing, Kristen!
    Have a good new week!

  2. Sounds like a perfect Mother's Day ....hope you enjoyed it....the weather could not have been more beautiful....for just such a relaxed occasion.....we did the same sort of simple things.....

  3. the relax part is so tempting! what with the weather.... n♥

  4. Looks like a lovely Mother's day, dear Kristen!
    ah, and now I have found the answer (to my question on fb) here, it is a photo. These little bird looks so pretty, even in death and thanks to you, given it a proper burial in the flowers.

    Looking forward to your theme.
    And I hope I am able to post about Brussels today's eve :-)


  5. sounds and looks like
    the perfect day!
    we had rain, rain and more rain
    as if it was autumn again ;^((

    but, that bird!!
    reminds me of one of the beautiful paintings
    i saw last thursday at the wonderful exhibition
    which i visited with Nadine, Ariane and Barbara ;^)))))


  6. ooo the photograph of the bird is beautiful x

  7. It seems that look a dead bird, is more sad to see another animal because a bird is really a delicate animal. Without aggression, (except in the Hitchcock film) :)
    Happy late Mother's Day!