Sunday, June 29, 2014

DC- Nude

Patrice is our host this weekend with the theme Nude.
My first thoughts when I think of this word immediately go to 
Imogen Cunningham and her beautiful photos. I love how the figure becomes
more about abstract forms and makes the viewer wonder how they were taken.
As it turns out we are in a bit of a heat wave at the moment so this theme was appropriate
as we are all showing a bit more skin than we have in a long time.
Please check out Patrice's fantastic blog for more takes on the theme Nude :)


  1. "a bit more skin"... that's summer heat for you. i'm sorry you are in the middle of it, may it keep away from us, is my modest wish. cheers for your comments, taken to ♥. thxs.
    let's look her up.

  2. To think that many of Ms Cunningham's nudes were taken in the 30s yet still feel modern and fresh! I love your self portraits Kristen, especially your choice of b&w. Would colour have made them too personal? The second is a beautiful landscape. I hope you have air-conditioning or at least a fan while your temperature are high. xo Carole

  3. What great, beautiful pictures you took! I thought of that too, but I'm a really bad photographer ;/ I like the last one. Thanks for introducing Imogen Cunningham , I did not know her work, It's beautiful!
    (and thanks for your comment on my post, you are so right!)

  4. Oh yes, Cunningham, dear Kristen,
    doesn't her images looks really modern?!
    Love it, that you have chosen even b/w for your beautiful images here.
    Have already admired your pretty legs beside a lemonade, Kiki ;-)

    Love. Ariane.of Rose.

  5. Oh Kristen these are wonderful! Imogene Cunningham wonderful!

  6. Well done Kristen! Those images are lovely. I must admit that my first thoughts were with a photographer too, Sally Mann, and that translucent skin effect she manages. :)

  7. Beautiful captures Kristen. The second photo making me think of stones or boulders stacked.
    xxxoo, sus
    (I am hosting the DC this week, if you have time to play...)

  8. Such a special nude legs series, Kristen! It's obvious you have been inspired by Imogene Cunningham, whom I didn't know and flashed me right away...thanks for letting me know, her artwork is really amazing! Yours, too, by the way! ;-)

  9. Yes really beautiful captures of details giving a special view without beeing exposed and yet intimate and thanks for sharing cunninghams work!
    xo barbara bee

  10. Your beautiful and almost abstract photos show very well how fragile we are ... and especially our skin after a long winter!

  11. Oh, yes, I love the photos of nude, in which, you do not differentiate whether it is a shoulder or leg, or hip, ankle.
    And your photos are very good. I love the fact that you were probably not naked, (you show your legs), but the mind makes us to see a naked body.
    Very good post, congratulations!

  12. ;^)))
    oh YES, those beautiful b&w images of the nude
    and yours are wonderful!!

    thank you so much for joining
    and sorry that i came over this late

    Patrice A.

  13. such beautiful glimpses
    and yes the beg to be looked at and to wonder a bit