Thursday, June 19, 2014

Enjoying the last few days of Spring...the kids are out of school
and I spent the afternoon throwing papers into recycling.
Trying to clear my head and get into Summer mode, but 
the transition is always bumpy.
what can one say but- "let the games begin"


  1. Yes, those can be bumpy days at the beginning of summer but just think about the fun times you'll have laughing and playing and singing and lazing (maybe on a hammock!) Enjoy, Kristen. xo Carole

  2. Happy third day of summer to you and your family, Kristen. Make the most of the time, I know you will!

  3. hmmm.... lovely post!
    just to let you know
    i am the host
    and hope you will join ;^))

  4. Ooooh, your cloud ceramic looks wonderful,
    dear Kristen! as if the clouds of the heaven are mirroring in your plate... really pretty glaze.

    cu nude at this weekend at Patrice's?

    xo Ariane.