Sunday, June 8, 2014

Patrice is hosting the d.c this weekend with the topsy turvey theme of "upside down"
and I have to admit that this week has brought it's share of upside down moments
for first reaction usually to this type of thing is laughter- of the nervous kind,
When you are caught off guard and your world is suddenly inside out or upside down.
Then comes struggle to straighten things out and then acceptance 
or some how harmonizing with what ever has thrown you a loop to begin with.
Usually in retrospect what ever it was that caused you to change your view is a gift of awareness
that we either resist and feel sickened by or accept and grow from.
My picture is an altered photo- of a reflection upside down and the colored...
an illusion with in an illusion. Such is life :)

I am looking forward to visiting your posts soon!  


  1. I like your drawing & your comentary ...I know just what you are saying....

  2. Nice drawing. Your last sentence: "my picture..." made me smile!

  3. Sunny colours, lovely image, and a tiny woman in the middle of it. After reading your comment, i understand what your meaning. Selfreflextion.

  4. Truely spoken words, all well-known feelings and insights. Your illustration is so lovely and colourful! And the little lady in between...cute!

  5. : an illusion with in an illusion
    such is life, indeed
    i like how the woman is surrounded in what i interpret as foiliage, something forest-y about that.

  6. Oh Kristen I can hear your voice in your spoke right to me! Wise words from a beautiful friend. These colors here are wonderful. The pink with the brown speak to me and I just want to grab some colored pencils and start scratching away on something. I like your composition very much!! Norma, x

  7. I feel the same in your words as that what I was trying so say. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog! Yes, people change on the inside and I never thought of what I have become… When I think of me it is often negative and I know that is not true… comments help with that. And you saw something that is true: I look happy in that picture and I completely overlooked that! thanks again!
    I really like your painting: the colors, so bright, I like that a lot! And that figure! That is what I love most about it, so small and fragile but I feel the strength in her!

  8. Nicely written Kristen. So far June is kicking my butt! I think it's the Mercury retrograde, but what do I know about that stuff. (Not much) But it seems to be the case for a lot of people. Here's to Mercury getting the hell out of the way. :) Love the energy in your altered photo.

  9. oh, and being in awe for this, for sure, whichever way. an upside down feeling is quite shaky, nonetheless... n♥

  10. an upside down magical world
    with a questionable little you
    i like it very much!
    the picture and your nicely written words
    thank you so much!
    Patrice A.

  11. Kirsten i wouldn't mind hanging down in your photo with your illustration. I love the magical feeling I get from looking at this. I love what you have made and I can really understand the feelings you got when you first thought about the theme!

  12. Oh, yes Kristen, acceptance is the key to right-side-up from up-side-down isn't it? I love the image you created - such wonderful color!
    best wishes, sus

  13. Hi Kristen, yes some challanges can only be dealed with some sort of acceptance and wisdom, if we can't change the circumstances. Your wonderful painting illustrates perfectly the whirlwind of motion and emotions with its confusion and beauty.
    xo barbara bee