Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What I've been up to as of late...

Weeding... this one was a healthy one to boot

We went to see This! over the weekend and it didn't disappoint.
(of course my family are fans of the old movies)

Waiting to see how these cloud ceramics come out this week after firing.
We are in the wind down to the end of school and for some reason it's always
crazy busy- hope to see you over the weekend for the D.C with Patrice !


  1. I always get a smile from your uniquely yours with a sense of humor ...I love the dandilion in a vase & your own drawing of Godzilla & your adorable cloud plate! Happy weekend,

  2. Dandelion! It is a good plant with many properties. I like to eat in salad!
    Your cloud seems like a very good idea for a dish or tray, is that, right?
    I am struck by the visual strength of the white color. (or no color as you like)
    see you!

  3. Love the cloud! and the weed. and the drawing. eerrr love all!

  4. Your cloud is charming! I like to imagine that many colorful dried flowers displayed on the cloud. The dandelion in a vase is pretty. Do you know that boiled dandelion mixed up with vinegar is delicious? Gojira movie is fun!
    Have a good day.

  5. LOVE me some Godzilla, since way back in the day! Your cloud is beautiful; enjoy the days as school fades into summer, glorious summer!

  6. Sometimes the glaze will change after firing,
    dear Kristen, will it? Great form, so summery (as dish on your table you will have your head over clouds:)
    The new Godzilla! Haa! wanna see it with my kids! great lines of your drawing!
    Oh, and didn't knew that strong root of a Dandelion... thank you.

    And now I come to your dc no limits!
    xo Ariane.

  7. yes! i am wondering with you, what this cloud plate will look like soon. it is already looking great as is. the very thought! godzilla, right? mhmmm