Sunday, July 20, 2014

Iceland Adventure prt1

Getting back on my feet from our adventure to Iceland and Norway,
now I get to pull the pictures off the good camera to share
 instead of my phone- which I love but let's face it- 

It's all in the lens :)

There's so much to say about Iceland and the wildness of it.
It's overwhelming.
You just have to give yourself to it's wild and woolly nature
 and dress for the occasion

Then it will reveal it's magic to you :)


  1. hello you!
    and welcome home!!
    i have been to Norway once
    a long, long time ago
    but Iceland, oh my, how i would love to go and see that
    it's on my wishlist for years
    some day....


  2. It looks wonderful. Looking forward to the next part(s):)
    I'm wondering what I see on the last it a puffin?
    (I did some google research...)

  3. i have always been curious about Iceland. how wonderful that you went there. Thank you for sharing your photos. I also look forward to your next part. A puffin in the water, such a wonderful sighting.

  4. Dear Kristen,
    I love your impressions through both lenses! Love it!
    Looking forward to more reports from you.
    (the pic of you on the boat is great, wanna see it here, so that Patrice and Nadine can see it,too, who are not on instagram or fb, you know? :)

    xo Ariane.

  5. What great photos! I am so excited for you to have had such an amazing adventure. I am so fascinated by Iceland! Thank you for sharing it all with us! I look forward to the next part.

  6. Glad you made it home safely, Kristen. I loved your posts on Instagram. Looking forward to more here.

  7. All in the lens. . . . and the eye. And as usual, your eye serves us all very well! Looking forward to seeing more.