Thursday, July 24, 2014

Iceland Prt. 3

 A few last pictures from around town

And a beautiful extinct volcano that now has a lake at it's center
My son below under an active, albeit dormant, volcano holding a piece of volcanic rock.
There are 130 volcanoes in Iceland :)

and a little snap of moi on the boat scouting for puffins
(my friend Barbara made me the super awesome hat)


  1. Beautiful scenery and an amazing adventure for your family. Thanks for sharing Iceland with us, Kristen. xo

  2. Yes thanks for sharing Iceland with us! Love the photos....& the sheer adventure of it all.

  3. Looks you had an exciting trip. What an amazing extinct volcano and the lake in the bottom are!
    Glad to visit you today.Have a good day,

  4. good pics, Kristen. Here in my country we also have several extinct volcanoes (also active)
    Do you know? Once, on vacation at a lake near a volcano, one of my daughters was throwing stones into the water. She screamed: "Come, daddy, stones float!" (several times) and I went up to her, thinking she was doing me a joke, but it was true. It happens that the stones were, pumice, then floated until absorbed water and sank.:)
    Have a nice week!!!

  5. Hi Kristen, I do love your photos, they make me want to visit Iceland, too! Leena

  6. good, gracious me, you've had a ball up there. ... in respect to the us, you were closer to us than ever; iceland not being that far off shore for us... i'm so happy for youse you've had a ball. n♥ splendid country i'd love to explore, too right.