Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Geisha dressing
stars that stream past in the night
(oh) how I need a bath

Playing along with Nadine this weekend with the drawing challenge theme
It's good to be back :)


  1. amazing to watch the dressing, layer after layer, enjoyed the music too.
    fun hair sketches
    beautiful kimono and baths are wonderful, enjoy ~

  2. I like this!!! good work and beautiful video! Not in a hurry to get to the office on a Monday! :)

  3. Interesting to see Maiko hair style you sketched!!
    I have hoped to take photos of Maiko. They are so beautiful not only their kimonos but also their natural smile on their faces and behavior trained. However there are not many chances to snap them. Photographers wait for chances to snap them on a few streets where Maiko go out to work.
    I am going to try some day!! Sure!!
    Have a good new week!

  4. nice drawing + cool pic of you - still can't believe you have short hair!

  5. that video, all those layers
    the drawings, fine, fine
    and is that your kimono?
    your sweet face
    seen on the back
    showing your bare neck
    like a maiko waiting to get dressed
    all together
    so good to be here again


  6. This is cool! Thank you for the wonderful video and cute hair drawings and charming photos! Leena

  7. Wonderful post. I enjoyed all of this. And not to forget your beautiful haiku! - eric.

  8. Oh my god...what a procedure! The result looks so beautiful, but not very comfortable at all! Love your drawings and photos, especially your kimono picture! Wow! I think we dealt with similar aspects... ;-)

  9. Thank you so much for this intruiging video, its like a very complicated and special gift wrapping - I imagine how it might be if you like to unwrap the gift and then, when you think you've got it there a many more layers to undo.
    barbara bee

  10. Its been so lovely watching the transformation - and the final clip of her walking in the modern back streets was very poignant.
    I love your illustrations of the intricate hairstyles!

  11. Beautiful series, the way the video, your drawing, the photos, portrait and then the haiku all read together, from top to bottom, like a Japanese poem!

    It has a serious and playful feeling together.
    I will come back later to enjoy the whole video, just took a peek for now.

    Nice to meet so many creative spirits through Nadine`s challenge this week!
    THank you for your visit!

  12. Nice playing along with the Japanese theme!!
    You did a bit of this a bit of that, great!

  13. :)))
    haiku, to go!
    isn't that most complicated, the dressing of?
    he ceremony must be thrilling though.
    thxs for playing, kristen!