Monday, September 29, 2014

Moving along at a snails pace on this blog...

I'm not sure why it gets harder to stay connected here
I enjoy visiting and reading and posting pictures
just not as often as I'd like

Got away to New Mexico this past weekend to be with my Spiritual Teacher
- something I've been doing now-at least once a year, for almost 13 years.  
I always come home feeling inspired to reach beyond the present idea of myself
 and how my life should or shouldn't be...working from the inside out :)


  1. Dear Kristen,
    you speak from my soul, sweet friend.... in so many ways.

    Beautiful painting. Love it!

    Many, many hugs and kisses

  2. Yes, it seems many are slowing down, and that's okay. I always enjoy your posts when they appear. Wonderful atmospheric perspective in that photo, and such a great painting!

  3. i feel that this painting is quite from the inside out.
    as i saw it, and then read your words on your progress.