Saturday, October 25, 2014

drawing Challenge- Dress

Patrice is the host of the drawing challenge this weekend with the theme "Dress"
For my drawing I used a photo of an antique dress I had awhile back- with hand drawn detail.
I was thinking about the dress as an artifact and the many layers like sediment the lines represent. History and coverings- obviously made with love and care for some little child.
Please visit Patrice's Blog! for more dress' and have a great weekend :)


  1. It is a beautiful drawing.
    I like the connection you have made with history and lines.
    A very interesting idea.

  2. oh how lovely
    i adore all the lines and how they bring it to life
    i enjoyed your thoughts on the lines as well

  3. Kristen, oh I like this! When I see handmade dresses at thriftshops it's all I can do not to buy each and every one of them. As you say so much love was put into their making. xo Carole

  4. Beautiful drawing, Kristen! So delicate & yes I love the lines " like many layers of sediment". Just beautiful!

  5. How pretty ! The design of detail lines is always girl's dream.It is also lovely to see the contrast with the wire hanger. I like it.
    Have a good day.

  6. oh yes - beautiful drawing! love the details and the folds. I also love your sheep drawing and your hooked pillow. Beautiful creations as always! (Maybe someday I can join in the drawing challenge again!)

  7. Hi Kristen, how are you?
    Love your dress drawing, it´s very very beautiful, all those lines... great!
    see you in the next d.c. I hope
    x Stefanie

  8. oohhh....
    a beautiful dress, but a grand drawing!
    i love all those lines
    the movement, the details
    i am sure the image itself was fine
    but with the drawing it became more than fine!

    thanks for joining!!

  9. That's really a great drawing Kristen. Love it. - eric

  10. stunning interpretation of a theme, worthy some exposure...! the very thought that went into it, while making it. almost as if you remake it. n♥

  11. What a wonderful drawing and dress..Kristin. I got the feeling I could take it and put it one...ok guess it would be better for my daughter...
    ♥ Sabine

  12. My dress for next summer! It's wonderful!
    x Katrin

  13. That dress has the most beautiful lines Kristen. And a sort of ethereal feel to it. Just lovely. :D

  14. this drawn dress is so so wonderful!!
    :-) mano