Sunday, November 23, 2014

Drawing Challenge- Rara Avis- rare bird

Rara Avis- was the choice of Eric this weekend for the drawing challenge...
and I immediately thought of this endearing bird :)

The Kakapo or owl faced parrot that can not fly and lives in New Zealand is
a rare bird in the literal sense as there are only 40 left in the wild.
Such a shame and makes them all the more special!
Please visit Cerulean for more rare birds :)


  1. Oh yes. I love the clumsy kakapo. And what a great drawing! Thanks for joining. - eric

  2. That's a great drawing Kristen. Once, many years ago, my parents visited the island and saw the kakapo. They used to travel with the Aquarium Society on fish gathering and botanical cataloguing expeditions. (they were Drs, my father a specialist in tropical diseases) Then, I remember they were very worried about the survival chances the birds had and implemented some rat controls to help save them. Hope the little guys make it.

    1. That is so cool! Veronica- I'll relay that to my son who is very interested in animal conservation :) ...(as am I)

  3. you have gót to love this akward, nimble bird... i mean, the background music adds to the appearance here, but what a character. i shall not ever know how it got to its food, poor dear. and then it appears to be extinct too. thank you for drawing him out for us in your one and true style. he is now my new favourite after that famous bird of paradise who blows himself up into a black and blue face... n♥

  4. a very interesting film. I didn't know about the Kakapo! Thanks for sharing it.
    And your drawing of this rare bird is really fantastic!

  5. Great drawing of a great rare bird!
    It´s a shame, that´s true, and sadly it´s not rare that animals cease...
    x Stefanie

  6. Thanks for sharing. There are so many things rare in a literal sense.

  7. I have never heard of this bird before - a rare bird indeed! your drawing is lovely, so expertly and sensitively done. So sad that this beautiful creature is almost extinct!

  8. oh my goodness, only 40 left! I wonder how they feel about that. And of course they know. such a joy to see your drawing honoring them!

  9. where did my comment go?.....
    what i wrote was something like this:
    i have never heard of this bird before
    but boy do i love your drawing!
    i make a deep bow for you
    now i saw your last pist
    happy holiday!!!!

  10. Truly a great drawing of a truly rara avis! You've captured its clumsiness.
    When we lived in NZ we saw a pair of kakapo in a bird sanctuary. Their feathers glimmered in the sunlight. Have fun! xo Carole