Thursday, November 20, 2014

Whats cooking...starting to bring home the spoils from my time
in ceramics- and it's a mixed bag of feelings- while I feel I'm 
improving- it's still a struggle working with the glazes and getting
my edges less wonky and making things consistent- but on the
bright side I know I can make things better so the urge to try and try again
is ever present. In the mean time I'm going to sort through things and hit
a holiday craft fair to maybe unload some pieces so I'm not stacking dishes 
everywhere around my house ;)


  1. wonderful to keep trying to create in a way that makes you happy.
    i love looking at them, the woman with the tiger really gets my attention
    that is rare sight ;-)- play on DC theme.

    is that the fire that you cooked your pottery in? you make me want to make a fire pit in my yard for this cold winter's day.... for not i will make one inside to warm this wee cabin. i will be back for your DC.

  2. Oh how I love wonky and inconsistency in ceramics. (actually in many creations) Your work is lovely! I just bought a beautiful (and a bit wonky) ceramic pitcher. I am totally delighted with it! You may want to reconsider your desire to remove the wonky element - or know that is how some people like it - most importantly though is to make it that you like it.

  3. kristen, those green plates with the holes in it... perfect colanders too... wow! i think wonkiness is a matter of perception. n♥