Sunday, January 11, 2015

DC weekend- 'Matchbox"

Joining in on Eric's theme this weekend for the drawing challenge-
Matchbox :)
and with the terrible cold we are under the past few days I have been
 using my own matches quite a bit to light fire's in our wood stove.
I am not alone in my love of vintage match boxes and decided to try
my hand at designing one to share with you...
For more on the matchbox theme check out Cerulean !!


  1. I really like your warm and colorful painting. Thanks for joining. - eric

  2. I wonder if that brand of matches really exists, or is your creation. Another question: Is it that the destination is ephemeral like the flame of a match and we do not realize when it arrives because it happens too fast ?. Perhaps we are in the destination, and we do not realize. Oh. Many questions for a Sunday! :)

  3. loved seeing your little painting
    i am smitten with how you painted the inner box, it looks old and wonderful.

  4. Looking at your lovely red you needed warm colours and heat around you and succeeded. Pff, my english... i hope that you'd understand what i mean. I love that red and pink together.

  5. your matchbox design would certainly catch my attention Kristen, vintage colors, funny and a bit mysterious at the same time. i would lit my woodstove with a smile.

  6. destiny matches, i don't believe they come fancier than this... oh, how house-style-well you've done this again. i like what you paint!
    on dreams, i agree. it is good to dream, and whatever comes true is fine, what doesn't is also fine. thxs for your throughtful comments. you know, but i need to say it again... they move me.

  7. I love your "old style" design and the mouth ready to blow out the match!! Wishing you lots of happy times sitting near your wood stove.

  8. That's the best of both worlds Kristen. I love the idea of controlling the heat, but I bet you won't be turning the heat off any time soon. I'm still working on my Christmas matchbox with a jolly Santa on it, but now I was to over paint him with something fun and bright for spring.

    Also, I would like to invite you to next week's DC with the word "Toast". Big hugs for a bit warmer week. X

  9. a really warm and colorful post in these dark and cold days. Thanks for this!

  10. Hot, hot, hot..... like matches should be!
    xo Carole