Friday, January 23, 2015

Feeling like it's the end of the month already- even though it's not....
We've had a cold and often sunny start to the year- with very little snow
that seems to melt the next day. We've managed to get to a few museums this 
month. I saw a great textile exhibit with my daughter and we always love 
the Museum of Science in Boston...

As well as a few very brisk walks on the beach-
the kind where your eyes water, your face gets numb and your not
sure if your nose is going to fall off.

Thank you all for your kind comments and feedback on my shop!
 It means a lot and is inspiring coming from you who 
are bravely putting yourselves out there creatively...
I know my world is better when you share yours :) 


  1. Yes, it does look cold.... burr... not missing that....but Boston does have such wonderful museums & I do miss them! Glad you were able to get out & enjoy !!

  2. Je découvre ton blog avec intérêt. Il y a de l'inventivité, de l'humour et tout est présenté artistiquement.


  3. how extra to be reading here 'very little snow that seems to melt the next day', since i've just come back from your more recent snow... hee hee... n♥